Swedish Art Glass

Kosta Boda Swedish Art Glass

Are you in search of a unique art glass with a modern design and brilliant use of colors? If you love decorating and enriching your home decor with vintage glass treasures, then display some pieces of this colorful, collectibles Kosta Boda glass in your home. 

Being one of the oldest Sweden's glass works that has been operating since 1742, Kosta Boda is now one of the world's most dominating brands of art glass and glassware. This company has refined technology and the understanding of glass. They manufacture a bold, innovative and a vibrant type of glassware.

Colorful, artistic, and handmade glass from the Swedish furnaces have allowed Kosta Boda to be among the world's leading manufacturer of crystal and glass.

A few renowned Kosta Boda artists and designers that have been successful in maintaining the pride and prestige of Kosta Boda include Anna Ehrner, Olle Broz, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Warff Goran, Louis Lofgren, Kjell Engman, Vicke Lindstrand and Ann Wahlstrom.